Factory Features                      

  • You know Infinity is synonymous with quality. But it all begins with an Infinity frame - the foundation upon which a great firearm is built. Infinity manufactures all of its frames from bar stock 4140 alloy, 416 stainless steel or 7075 T-6 billet aircraft aluminum, milled to exacting specifications by state of the art software and senior level machinists to ensure the overall quality of construction. Infinity offers you a choice of two basic styles: the traditional 1911 length or a second designed with an extended dust cover which lengthens the frame to match the slide. The added weight that improves stability during rapid fire as well as the more balanced appearance keep this extended style in demand. Machine engraving of the frame is also available, allowing you to further customize your firearm.





Pistol Frames

Infinity Pistol Frames in both Competition Wide Body and Traditional Single Stack configurations.

To maintain brand quality we reserve our frame production for complete Infinity® pistols.


Traditional 1911 Frames

Innovative design and execution. Pictured to the left are Infinity Traditional 1911 IED (Infinity Extended Dustcover) frames. Graphically illustrated are the differences between the Standard Government frame (pictured below) and the new Six Inch Government Frame (pictured above) featuring the one inch longer rails designed to extend the life and increase the accuracy of target pistols.













Traditional Frame Features

Traditional frame shown with :

  • World's first Square Trigger Guard Billet 1911 Frame (optional)
  • World's First Integral Safety Plunger Tube Billet 1911 (standard on all Infinity frames)