About Us

Andy Elkan is the man behind the custom finish of every gun produced by JPP.  Andy has been trained at the SV factory in Texas by Sandy Strayer himself.  Andy has achieved the highest level of certification available from SV allowing all his guns to bear the SV hallmark.  Whilst some factories rely on computer aided mass production it can clearly be seen from the photographs  that Andy prefers to personally control every cutting operation himself.

Competition guns require that the margins of tolerance in machining are extremely fine in comparison to assembly line stock guns.

These fine tolerances matched in the workshop by the gunsmith himself.

Customer specific features such as the style of the slide grip grooves are easily incorporated at this stage on the milling machines .Every gun is created from the finest SV Infinity parts, carefully hand fitted, personalised and test fired by Andy.

Barrel Customisation

Infinity Firearms and SVI Barrels share a commitment to excellence.  Consequently all Andy’s Custom Shop produced Infinity pistols are fitted with SVI manufactured barrels.  This is achieved by Andy insuring that the slide and bull barrel lock together tightly.

Slide Lightening

Customers can specify the number and type of slide lightening cuts and holes they prefer for their particular custom gun.   The reduced weight of the slide can be matched to a wide range of recoil springs available from JPP Imports.